Advent Calendars

A traditional Scandinavian advent calendar has small wrapped presents which have been personally wrapped by the Christmas Nisse (aka mother!) ready for the 1st of December. For each day there is a present to open leading up to the 24th December. (In Scandinavia we celebrate Christmas on the 24th).

Presents can be bought that mean something to the child/children such as something they are collecting or it could be as simple as Christmas chocolate and sweets. Another idea is to break apart a set and wrap pieces up for each day. The year before last we purchased a Lego Advent Calendar and used the pieces from this. Last year we bought a set of moshi monsters so the kids opened one each week day and then Christmas Chocolates at the weekend.

This is a lovely Christmas tradition that the kids look forward to each year. The excitement of opening a little present each day is magical. There are many different versions of the advent calendar that can be purchased. Our favourite is the Maileg Pixie Calendar, which has pockets and rings for each day in December for you to attach presents for each day to. A new version is created each year by Maileg. These Pixie’s are an investment, something to keep in the family for many years. Even when the kids are older they are a beautiful decorative item to bring out at Christmas time. These are the 2013 versions:

calendar girl calnedar boy


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