CWB Stores we love…

OOOPs just found this in our drafts! Should have been posted earlier in the year….

Raspberry Red was featured in Dec/Jan month CWB Childrens Wear Buyer magasine in their Stores we love section. CWB had a particular focus on retailers who love British brands. This is what the artical said ” Lise Austen launched online childrenswear business Raspberry Red in October last year, retailing a selection of British and European brands.
For Austen, selecting labels to sell through her online business comes down to those that tick her boxes of quality, design and practicality. And, following a year in business, it is increasingly the UK labels that are proving to be popular on all three levels. “Being half-Danish, I used to buy many of my children’s brands in Denmark but, since I started retailing clothes myself, I have found that many British brands are meeting my criteria,” says Austen. While Austen feels that customers are happy to support British brands, she does think the buying decision also comes down to the actual item itself, as well as its origins. “Customers’ choices are still based on the look and design of the item, but UK brands are meeting and surpassing their expectations, and that is why British brands are selling,” says Austen.


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