Holme Grange Kids holiday activites

I decided to let my kids try out all the fun sounding activities for children that were running during the Easter Holidays where my shop is at Holme Grange Craft Village, near Wokingham in Berkshire, UK

So we first tried designing t-shirts & hoodies at i-Prints. It took about an hour and the kids got to choose their item of clothing, what they wanted printed on it, the font of any lettering and the colours to be used. They then got see their design on the computer screen, saw it printing and had to peel off all the excess pieces from the cut out. They then saw their design being pressed onto their tops and finally got to stand proudly looking at themselves in the mirror with their new clothes! We went with their cousins, so had a mix of boys and girls ranging from 5 to 12 years. They all loved it, so I would conclude a great activity to do especially if you have a wide range of ages to cater for! I quite fancied doing one for myself too!


We then tried a Pasta making class at Delights of Italy, the kids got to make the pasta mix and then learnt how to make spaghetti and tagliatelle and pasta bows. The delight on their faces when the spaghetti came out of the pasta making machine was a picture! The very next day when shopping for food the girls were asking to buy some pasta flour so they could make more at home!


Then finally they did some pottery painting at Pottery Pals. They have done this before on numerous occasions but it never fails to be a winning activity for them! Pottery Pals have an extensive array of items to choose from. My mother in law was even inspired and painted something!


The clothing printing at i-Prints and ceramic painting at Pottery Pals is available all the time, you can just drop in. The pasta classes have to be booked and run throughout the school holidays and after school. Kids (and adult!) parties can be booked with all of them.

A highly recommended, by myself and my kids selection of creative activities! Holme Grange is a delightful village with 20 shops, a cafe and plenty of free parking. It has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, making it a nice relaxing day out!


April 22, 2013. Raspberry Red.

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