Girls birthday party gift idea

I love the fact that my daughters get invited to lots of birthday parties, but with 30 in the class and with many of them inviting the whole class, it can be both costly and time consuming buying all the birthday gifts. Albeit a nice problem, it’s one that so many parents face!

One of my customers at an event I was at had a great idea for a girls birthday party gift idea, to put together in matching colours some of the beautiful flower hairclips, freshwater pearl & bead bracelets and hair ties from Danish brand Aquin, which I sell. To give you an idea of how pretty they look here are some examples:


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Danish design

With a Danish mother all of my childhood holidays from the age of 0 until 18 years were spent in Denmark with my family. Over these years I developed a real love of everything Danish, the flat landscape, the space, the closeness that everyone has to sea, the food, the celebrations, the cosy times we have together “hygge” and the beautiful and clever things the Danes design. My house is now filled with Danish household objects collected over the years and my children wear many of the beautifully designed clothes from Denmark. As with household items where an item of beauty is designed to not just look good but also be functional, the same thought is put into designing children’s clothes. It’s like it is an ethos that is part of the Danes culture and way of thinking. Why wear something that is uncomfortable when you can wear something that not only looks good but is comfy too? Why waste space in your home on an item that doesn’t do anything, when you can have something which is an item of beauty and function?!

Some of my favourite Danish household item brands are Georg Jensen, Stelton, Herstal, Menu and Rosendahl. One of the first things I do when I arrive in Denmark is visit Imerco (a Danish chain) to see what the latest designs are! In the UK if I am looking for a present for someone who I think would appreciate Danish design I look at Panik Design, an online retailer who specialise in Scandinavian household design items.

This love of beautiful yet functional design has become part of my natural requirement for anything I buy and now when I am looking for childrens clothes to sell at Raspberry Red I look for all these qualities that most Scandinavian Childrens clothes have. Some of the brands I sell are scandinavian but I have also found other brands and designers from other countries whose clothes meet this criteria.

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