Hair accessories

My daughters both have really thick hair, so finding girls hair accessories that stay in their hair has always been a challenging task! They both have long hair with fringes growing out so need clips to keep the hair out of their faces. I have always tried to buy clips that look pretty and match with their outfits 🙂  However we have lost so many hair clips and spent so much money on them over the years, and consequently have a mass of odd clips in our hairclip box! I also think a bigger clip such as a flower finishes a pretty outfit for a party, so we have lots of those too!

Two years ago I bought in Denmark some gorgeous plastic flower hairclips which actually stay in their hair and look really pretty. I have hardly let them wear them as I have been so scared of them losing them! On very special occasions they have come out of the drawer. So imagine my delight when when I was offered the chance to stock these flower hairclips on my Raspberry Red website! I started selling them before Christmas and had to reorder as I sold out with so many people buying them as stocking fillers. The hairclips are from a Danish company called Aquin. They also make hairbands that look like old fashioned telephone cord! They come in lots of bright fun colours. I am a now stocking these too. My daughters with thick (but fine – they have lots of it though) hair have been wearing them and they do stay in your hair. You need to twist them around a few times, like you would a normal hair band. They make a really pretty fan effect in the hair too! To complete an outfit Raspberry Red is also stocking the Aquin freshwater pearl and bead childrens bracelets.


February 24, 2012. Product Highlights. Leave a comment.