Colourful kid’s clothes!

Can you tell what colours suit your child? Have you ever noticed how certain outfits look really wow on them and how particular colours make them look much happier and healthier? Do certain clothes become firm favourites and people  always comment on them? That’s probably because your child is wearing clothes that match their skin tone.

I had a colour analysis done about 10 years ago. My mother took 2 photos of me wearing 2 different coloured scarves. In one of the photos I looked really ill and in the other I looked like I had just come back from a sunny holiday! The power that colour can have over how we look is astounding. I have definately changed my wardrobe over the years since having my colours done. It has had a real impact on my buying choices and how I look. I  feel more confident, feel much healthier and get far more positive comments about the clothes I wear.

I can certainly see when kid’s try on Raspberry Red clothes certain colours just lift a child and some colours do nothing for them. Some parents find it hard though to know what colours suit their children, especially when a child has strong views about what colours they want to wear, and want to wear the colour all the time! Girls and pink sound familiar! Chances are if you’ve had your colours done, your child’s will be the same as yours.

Pick the right colours for kids and you can get far more value for money out of their  clothes. Your kid’s will be happier, positive  comments boost confidence  and you will want to put them in the clothes more often! It will also make it much easier to buy clothes!


March 27, 2011. Raspberry Red.

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