Spend more.. get more

When I first started buying clothes for my daughters I wanted to pay the least amount possible for gorgeous looking clothes! There were certain brands which in the early days I wouldn’t pay full price for, I would wait for the sales. However now having tried some of them there are certain brands I would definitely pay full price for, as they offer real value for money!  These brands are fantastic quality, wash well, still look good enough to pass on to a sibling and have that something about them that makes them favourites and always gets comments.

Some brands have designed a functional style which they update each year in different colours and patterns.

Some of my favourites include:

Phister & Philina summer dresses which kids can carry on wearing through the winter with a long sleeve top and trousers, tights or leggings underneath. The dress is wide with elasticated arms, so has the growth space to become a great tunic as your child gets older. I have one that has now been used for 3 years winter & summer! I am delighted to say Raspberry Red are now selling Phister & Philina clothes and this dress pictured is now available from Raspberry Red.

Some other favourites include Mini a Ture summer t-shirts, fantastic thick quality cotton, which because of the thickness can be worn in the winter with a long sleeved top underneath. Katvig A-line dresses.


January 28, 2011. Raspberry Red.

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