Spend more.. get more

When I first started buying clothes for my daughters I wanted to pay the least amount possible for gorgeous looking clothes! There were certain brands which in the early days I wouldn’t pay full price for, I would wait for the sales. However now having tried some of them there are certain brands I would definitely pay full price for, as they offer real value for money!  These brands are fantastic quality, wash well, still look good enough to pass on to a sibling and have that something about them that makes them favourites and always gets comments.

Some brands have designed a functional style which they update each year in different colours and patterns.

Some of my favourites include:

Phister & Philina summer dresses which kids can carry on wearing through the winter with a long sleeve top and trousers, tights or leggings underneath. The dress is wide with elasticated arms, so has the growth space to become a great tunic as your child gets older. I have one that has now been used for 3 years winter & summer! I am delighted to say Raspberry Red are now selling Phister & Philina clothes and this dress pictured is now available from Raspberry Red.

Some other favourites include Mini a Ture summer t-shirts, fantastic thick quality cotton, which because of the thickness can be worn in the winter with a long sleeved top underneath. Katvig A-line dresses.


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Comfy clothes….comfy dresses….

At home with my daughters we have comfy days when we wear comfy clothes! Nowadays my girls like to wear comfy clothes all the time. These girls dresses from Keedo are favourites. If they get  to choose what they want to wear, it will be a Keedo dress. Made from jersey cotton, and loose fitting they are comfy enough to wear to the park, yet they look pretty enough to wear to a party.



Party Dress in Blackberry above & Very Cherry below

These Keedo dresses in very cherry, flamingo pink, irish blue, blackberry,wildberry and teal are available at sale price at the moment online www.raspberryred.co.uk

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Buy now for next year

Now is the time to take advantage of all the winter sales. Up until my eldest daughter was about 3 years old I would always buy at least 60 to 70% of her winter or summer wardrobe the year before in the sales. That way I was able to take advantage of buying quality, well designed clothes which I felt I wouldn’t pay full price for, for a price that I was happy to pay for. At the beginning of each season with the money I saved I was then able to buy those wow, must have items of clothing that I just had to have no matter what the price. I felt they were justifiable given the money I had saved on the rest of her wardrobe! This formula works until children become fussy and won’t wear what you have bought them. And If they have been bought the previous year you end up with a wasted wardrobe full of unworn clothes. When my eldest daughter went through the I only want to wear pink and don’t want to wear trousers anymore, I had to resign myself to paying full price for her clothes from there onwards! Having  said that she is nearly 6 now and I do still risk it with about 20/30% of her wardrobe. I have a younger daughter now so I can always hope she may like them if my eldest doesn’t!

Raspberry Red’s website is currently full of gorgeous quality baby, boys & girls clothes which are colourful, comfortable & functional, many of which have up to 40% in our current winter sale. www.raspberryred.co.uk

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